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Preeti Chauhan

Founder & Managing Director

A team that is defined by passion, expertise, and the outdoors. It has people who are committed to preparing the individual to become more responsible towards the environment.

Preeti Chauhan is a social development entrepreneur by profession, a civil engineer by qualification, an environmentalist by belief, and a zero-waste practitioner by passion. A Mumbai girl at heart, who dons various caps with a charming smile. Her journey from being a corporate employee to being a social entrepreneur in Ladakh, India, has been an amalgamation of adventure with self-reflection and awakening. 

She founded Little Green World, a platform that not only provides awareness but also provides sustainable alternatives to adopt a sustainable life. Preeti promotes her own ‘7 Rs’ list to lead a sustainable life: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle, Rot, and Recover.

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Phuntsog Angmo hails from Matho village, Ladakh. She completed her Master's in Disaster Management from Punjab University. As a part of her master’s studies, she interned with Educare India and studied the vulnerability to the different natural disasters in Ladakh regions. She has been actively working with the Mangthroo Youth Organization (MYO) of Matho village.

She has a keen interest in working in her region of Ladakh in conservation and disaster management. At LGW, she works as a Researcher and Field Assistant. Phuntsog Angmo aims to utilize her knowledge of surveying and remote sensing with the beneficial studies/projects of LGW.

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Phuntsog Angmo

Assistant Program Lead



Dr. Katie Conlon

Nat Geo Explorer, Fulbright Fellow,

National Science Foundation Fellow

Our mentor is someone who allows us to see the hope in ourselves and help us nurture the Little Green World mission. 

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