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Community Projects

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Initiatives that promote environmental maintenance!  activities that will make an impact that lasts, promote positive change, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable future. Let's work together to improve the state of our world.

Zero Waste Hemis Festival

Creating a Zero Waste Festival at Hemis Tsechu 2023: An Innovative Initiative by LGW.

LGW led a large-scale campaign to adopt a zero-waste strategy and turn the esteemed Hemis Tsechu event in 2023 into the least waste event. The UT government, the Live to Love International Foundation, and the Centre for Global Affairs & Public Policy (CGAPP) provided LGW with crucial support in partnership with Hemis Monastery.


Gen Chakzot, Manager Monk of Hemis Monastery, was featured in a brief film that LGW prepared to help spread the word. In it, he encourages guests to bring reusable plates and cups and to choose big offerings over tiny ones that are bundled in plastic.

At the two-day Hemis Festival, LGW promoted sustainability by setting up a kiosk with three complimentary water refill stations for visitors and enthusiasts.


At the Hemis Monastery, LGW erected resource banks—plastic bottle banks, paper banks, Tetrapak banks, and metal banks—to address the problem of dry waste generated. These banks support the festival's success as a sustainable and ecologically conscious event by ensuring source segregation and effective trash disposal.

The Himalayan Clean-up program

Ladakh's Annual Call to Clean the Himalayas 

In an annual initiative since 2021, LGW, in partnership with Zero Waste Himalaya (ZWH) and Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI), spearheads "The Himalayan Clean-up" for the Ladakh region.

The LGW team conducts comprehensive orientation training for organizations, schools, and volunteers, guiding them through the Cleanup process, waste segregation, waste audit, and brand audit.

The valuable data collected from each stakeholder is meticulously analyzed by the LGW team, and then submitted to ZWH and IMI, contributing to the larger dataset for the Himalayan region. Furthermore, this information is shared globally with Break Free From Plastic (BFFP). Join us in making a lasting impact through the Himalayan Clean-up, forging a path towards a cleaner and greener future

Kharnakling Winter camp

Kharnakling's LGW Winter Camp 2023: Fostering Knowledge

LGW organized a month-long winter camp for students in Kharnakling, the home of migratory Changthang nomads, in January 2023 in collaboration with Gaskit Junu Tsogspa.

With an emphasis on hands-on learning, the camp covered important subjects like waste, water, and ecosystems. Join us in encouraging the lively Kharnakling community to have a deeper understanding of these important topics.

Shey Winter camp

LGW's Winter Camp 2022: Empowering Shey Yokma Village.

In February 2022, LGW partnered with the Shey Yokma youth group to organize a month-long winter camp for children and youth in Shey Yokma village.

The camp commenced with awareness sessions on various waste issues, followed by engaging experiments and games designed to educate and inspire.

Culminating in a final-day exhibition, the children showcased their work, participated in a cleanup drive, and held a meeting with the Councilor to address waste concerns in the village. Witness the positive impact of education and community involvement in creating a cleaner and more sustainable Shey Yokma.

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