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Impact Stories

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Little Green World and Navikru Eco Foundation over the years have made an impact with their work. Some of the impact stories can be seen here.

"Where There Is A Will There Is A Way!"

As a part of the National Geographic Explorer Project "Himalayas to Sea, Plastic Free" led by Dr. Katie Conlon, this documentary film was made on Little Green World from Ladakh showcasing the groundwork and positive impact created.

This documentary film has been shortlisted as one of the semi-finalists in the 12th CMS VATAVARAN- Environment and Wildlife Film Festival and Forum 2024. 

Passive Solar Classroom at Zanskar

We have worked extensively on the ground and dedicatedly worked towards finding and implementing solutions that are good for one and all.


Check out this video to see our success story of constructing a passive solar classroom that provides a comfortable space for the schools and community and ensures the best natural resource utilization for walking the path of sustainability. 


This project is special as it was completed on time because of the school and community's commitment and dedication.

Greenhouse at Gond Minjee, Kargil

Household-level greenhouses are very popular in Ladakh and they are also supported by government schemes. 

We constructed a greenhouse in our Govt. Middle School Gond Minjee in Kargil not only ensures that the school has access to fresh vegetables in the early winter and summer months but also provides a learning space for students to learn about organic farming, greenhouse technology, and the ecosystem inside and outside the greenhouse.

Vegetables grown in greenhouse become part of the mid-day meal in the school.

Zero Waste Kaksar, Kargil

Kaksar village located at the Indo-Pak border witnessed the Kargil War and suffers from inaccessibility to resources even today.

Our Wipro Earthian Program in the Govt. High School Kaksar, Kargil allowed the students of the school to work on waste activity and identify problems in the region.

The village suffered from waste littering and health issues, Navikru Eco Foundation decided to implement the Zero Waste School & Community project in Kaksar village with funding support from Wipro Foundation.

Today, the waste in Kaksar village gets source segregated and has collaborated with local organization for further management of waste.

Passive Solar Classroom at Lober Choskore, Kargil

Watch our success story of construction of a passive solar classroom in the remote village of Lober Choskore in Kargil. 

Lober, Choskore is a village whose major economic dependency is on daily wage work and agriculture activities. This village did not have a community space or a learning center for students in winter. 

Navikru Eco Foundation constructed a passive solar classroom in Lober village with funding support from the Wipro Foundation. Teachers, students, and the community contributed to the completion of the construction work.

Navikru Eco Foundation team handed over the keys of the classroom to the Lober village community for future maintenance and operation in October 2023.

Shey Winter Camp

Little Green World conducted a month-long winter camp for the students, youth, and villagers of Shey Yokma village in February 2022.

This program focused on awareness, surveys, and finding holistic waste management solutions for the village. 

On the last day of the camp, an exhibition was hosted by the students, a meeting with the village councillor was conducted to demand waste management infrastructure followed by a cleanup drive.

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