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Let's Collaborate.

We are open to different types of tailored partnerships for achieving our vision of enabling each individual to become a conservationist and a zero-waste practitioner. 

Ways to join hands with us


School & College Program

Our work with students of all groups has been always enriching. We provide tailor-made experiential learning programs focused on environmental awareness, waste management, menstrual hygiene, etc.

We make research programs for students that help institutes to reduce the overall footprint and become role models for others. 

For students we provide students exchange program that help them learn and exchange cultural and sutainability practices with Ladakh students. 


Corporate Awareness Program

We conduct tailor-made Environmental Awareness sessions for the organizations and their employees. 

We consult organizations to reduce its carbon footprint with easy, adaptable sustainable practices.

This way we help organizations to walk the path of sustainability with us.


Buy Eco-friendly Products

Buy eco-friendly products bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo bottles, etc. from us and start your sustainability journey.


All the profits from the sale of eco-friendly products will be utilized in our groundwork in Ladakh and beyond. 

This way we support each other on our zero-waste and conservationist journey together. 

For the product catalogue write to us at 

Please send an email to for Partnership.

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