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Wipro earthian is one of India's largest Sustainability Programs of its kind for schools and colleges active for over a decade. It is designed to act as a catalyst for fostering excellence in sustainability thinking and action. Learn More

Since 2021, Navikru Eco Foundation has been a partner organization of Wipro Foundation for their annual Wipro Earthian Program for the Ladakh region.


Wipro Earthian is one of India's largest Sustainability Programs for schools and colleges and a national-level competition. This program is focused on activity-based learning in three themes namely “Sustainability & Waste”, “Sustainability & Biodiversity” and “Sustainability & Water”. Preeti Chauhan (since 2021) and Tajamul Akhtar (since 2023) are the two Sustainability Educators for the Ladakh region.

We have taken this program to government and private schools of Leh, Kargil, Zanskar, Nubra, and Changthang regions of Ladakh. For the first time, Navikru Eco Foundation has also taken this program to religious institutes such the monastic schools and Islamic institutes in the region. 

To date, over hundreds government and private schools in Leh, Kargil, Zanskar, and Changthang have been introduced to the program. Also, team Navikru has managed to introduce this program in Monastic and Islamic institutes of Ladakh.

In 2022, our schools achieved remarkable success, with Changchub Choeling Zangla Nunnery in Zanskar securing a position in the Top 20, and Govt. Girls' Higher Secondary School Leh making it to the Top 40 shortlist. In 2023, Govt. Council Model High Goma Kargil and Govt. Middle School Bhag-e-Khominie, Kargil, also earned spots among the Top 40 shortlisted schools. Since 2021, we have reached over 500+ students across 105+ schools and have trained more than 215+ teachers.

Zangla Nunnery Winner of Wipro Earthian 2022 at Bangalore
Leh Teachers' Training 2023
Leh Regional Award Ceremony 2022-23
Waste Scavenger Hunt by students of Mahabodhi School at Sindhu Ghat, Leh
Work at Sindhu Ghat by students of Mahabodhi School, Leh
GHS Karsha, Zanskar student playing "Spring & Drains" water game
GMS Bagh-e-Khomani at Kargil Regional Award Ceremony 2022-23
Regional Winners 2021 - GHS Lankore, Kargil
GMS Lober, Kargil student performing Biodegradability Test 2021
GHSS Silmoo, Kargil students at their school
GMS Lober, Kargil students exhibiting during the Kargil Regional Award Ceremony 2022-23
GHS Goma Kargil at Kargil Regional Award Ceremony 2022-23
Mahabodhi School Students Urge to People
2021 visit to GHS Kaksar, Kargil with Wipro Foundation Team
GMS Lober, Kargil Students playing Zero Waste Board Game
2021 visit to GMS Skyagam, Zanskar with Wipro Foundation Team
GMS Skyagam, Zanskar Students Water Testing work
GHS Baroo Teacher Explaining Students Wipro Earthian Program
Preeti with Students of GHS Kaksar, Kargil
2021 Certificate Distribution to GHS Chuchot Gogma, Leh
Kargil Regional Award Ceremony 2021-22
GHS Baroo students playing Zero Waste Board Game 2021
2021 Visit to GMS Gond Minjee with Wipro Foundation Team
Zanskar Teacher Training 2022
Leh Regional Award Ceremony 2022-23
Lamdon School Certificate Distribution 2021
Regional Winners 2021, Mahabodhi School
GGHSS Leh Performing Composting Activity
St Peters School students Exhibition at Leh Regional Award Ceremony 2022-23
Leh Teachers Training 2023
Regional Winners of 2022 GHS Kaksar, Kargil.
GHS Goma Kargil Exhibition at Kargil Regional Award Ceremony 2022-23
Leh Teacher Training 2023
Kargil Teacher  & Student Training 2023
Dy. Chairman, LAHDC, Chief Education Officer Leh interacting with student at Sustainability Mela, Le
Monastic School Teacher & Student Training at Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, Leh 2023
Teacher Training at CIBS 2023
Students plying waste booklet game which is a part of the waste book let of Wipro Earthian Program.
Kargil Teacher Training 2023

Check out our students' work on our YouTube channel

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