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Trainings & Awareness

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Explore a world of caring for the environment with our captivating education and awareness initiatives. Learn how little things may have a major environmental impact. Let's work together to create a sustainable future for future generations.

Menstrual health and hygiene awareness program Zangla

On October 2, 2023, Little Green World, in collaboration with Zangla Nunnery, orchestrated an enlightening session dedicated to raising awareness about menstrual hygiene within the Zangla community and among students in Zanskar.


During this comprehensive session, LGW delved into the intricacies of menstruation hygiene, fostering an open dialogue about the role of boys in supporting their sisters, mothers, friends, and girlfriends during their menstrual cycles.

The discussions extended to the detrimental environmental impacts associated with the widespread use of plastic-based menstruation products, particularly pads. LGW shed light on how these plastic pads contribute to environmental pollution, posing a threat to our ecosystems

Waste Management Training for WWF India’s Kargil Homestays

In May 2022, Little Green World partnered with WWF India to conduct Waste Management training for owners of Homestays and Eco-Cafes in Kargil, developed by WWF India.


Eco homestay posters developed by Little Green World were distributed to the owners of homestays.

Plastic number training for Shechen Monastery, Nepal

LGW is collaborating with Shechen Eco Group to provide a session on plastic management and achieving zero waste in the monastery. Join us in our efforts towards sustainable practices.

zero waste village leh.png

Zero Waste Village, Leh

To increase our influence beyond cleanup campaigns, LGW partnered with the Young Drukpa Association (YDA, Ladakh) in November 2020. We worked together to offer training sessions in the villages of Chuchot, Shey, and Ranbipur.


In collaboration with YDA members and nearby villagers, our goal was to equip communities with sustainable practices that go beyond simple cleanup campaigns

This Project went on hold due to the lockdown and COVID pandemic restrictions.

Zero Waste Tourism Establishments, Zanskar

On August 5, 2021, the LGW team, in collaboration with the Assistant Director of Tourism (Zanskar), orchestrated an impactful training session on "Zero Waste for Tourism Establishments in Zanskar" at Padum.


This comprehensive training drew the participation of key stakeholders, including the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Zanskar, Block Development Officer, Professors from Govt. Degree College, Zanskar, and local hoteliers in Padum. Together, we explored innovative approaches to integrate zero-waste practices within the tourism sector, fostering sustainability and responsible tourism.

Zero Waste Phukhtar Monastery, Zanskar

On August 6, 2021, the Little Green World team embarked on a journey to the sacred Phukhtar Monastery in Zanskar, a holiest site that remains inaccessible by road, preserving its cultural sanctity through a serene 6-km trek.

In collaboration with the Sub District Magistrate and the Block Development Officer, Little Green World conducted a specialized training session titled "Zero Waste Phukhtar Monastery."

While this ancient monastery is well-versed in sustainable practices, the challenge lies in plastic disposal, often resulting in burning.


Despite their existing knowledge, Little Green Worlf provided innovative solutions and conducted training to help the monks reduce their environmental footprint and guide the monastery toward achieving zero waste

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