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Research Work

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Our research projects focus on identifying the key problems and finding real and logical solutions that work in remote parts of the Himalayan regions.  

Waste Assessment and Brand Audit in Leh

LGW, in collaboration with students, conducted a Waste Assessment and Brand Audit in Hanley and Phey villages. The findings, highlighting the most polluting brands in the region, were shared with Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) and contributed to their global Waste and Brand audit data.


In building on this initiative, LGW partnered with LAHDC during the Leh Sustainable Mountain Development Summit IX. Training sessions for Project Tsangda members and school volunteers equipped them to conduct Brand Audits at various Project Tsangda centers.


The analyzed data was presented at the Mountain Legislature Meet in October 2022, Leh. LGW shared results during the session on "Putting Policy into Practice" with the Chief Executive Councillor and representatives of the Himalayan States. Witness the journey from local actions to global impact, shaping policies for sustainable waste management.

Project Aqua Leh, Ladakh

In 2018, Bombgarh, Ladakh's dumping ground, saw 50,000 discarded plastic water bottles during the tourist season. Tourists opt for bottled water due to various reasons. LGW addresses this issue through "Project Aqua Leh," focusing on sustainable alternatives like the Biosand Water Filter (BSF). Our BSF utilizes local resources, operates without electricity, and requires minimal maintenance. The LGW team is actively customizing the BSF to withstand Ladakh's harsh winters.


We received seed funding for this project from Integrated Mountain Initiative and Zero Waste Himalaya. Later, this project went on hold due to the limitations in financial and human resources. Three water filters were given to one hotel and two guesthouses in Leh.

Zero Waste & Circular Economy amongst Tourism Establishments, Ladakh

LGW, empowered by a mini-grant from GAIA (Global Alliance for Incineration Alternatives), is leading the charge in advocating for a zero-waste approach in the economic recovery policy amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of this transformative project, we undertook a comprehensive waste reduction and environmental awareness survey encompassing hotels, homestays, guesthouses, and restaurants across Leh, Nubra, Changthang, and Kargil regions in Ladakh. An impressive 90+ tourism establishments actively participated in this survey, shedding light on their practices. Additionally, we engaged with 50+ tourists to gain insights into their travel behaviors.


Meet Mr. Kiran, the owner of Ladakhi Kitchen restaurant in Leh, proudly standing in front of a sustainability poster provided by Little Green World. As a part of our initiative, we conducted specialized training sessions on "Zero-Waste and Circular Economy" for the owners and managers of tourism establishments. Each establishment also received informative posters showcasing various zero-waste practices.

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