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Experiential Learning Program

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Our Program.

Explore the realm of experiential education with our captivating projects! Immersive programs, cultural exchanges, and hands-on workshops can help you gain a deeper understanding of the environment. Come together with us and help us transform the community for the better.

Nubra one-day winter program

On February 12, 2024, Little Green World and Rinchen Namgyal collaborated to organize a significant sustainability and waste management workshop in Hunder, Nubra, a place well-known for its double-humped camels and sand dunes.


The purpose of the workshop was to teach children about plastics and garbage sorting through interactive learning activities and entertaining games. Every student received eco-friendly pencils and pens made from recycled materials as part of the project, which sparked thought-provoking discussions on sustainable alternatives.


The ultimate goal is to enable the next generation to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable and clean world.

Student Exchange Program- University of Washington

Students from the University of Washington joined Little Green World on a journey of learning and discovery in the remote corners of Ladakh in September 2023.

They visited our diverse project sites, including vermicompost by Siddhartha High School in Leh and a greenhouse and vegetable cultivation in the Government Middle School of Gond Minjee, Kargil. They were also taken to observe the zero-waste initiative at Government High School, Kaksar, in a border village of Kargil. They also witnessed the ingenuity of passive solar buildings offering comfort in the harsh Ladakhi winters at Govt Middle School, Lober Choskor, Kargil.

A unique exchange also occurred at Jama Tuz Zahra, an Islamic Institute in Kargil, along with the other sites. Join us on this transformative journey towards a sustainable Ladakh!

Smartphone Filmmaking Course for Monks of Hemis Monastery

During the Hemis Festival 2023, LGW arranged a novel project that brought together well-known filmmakers Mr. Subodh Mishra and Mr. Ritesh Taksande (Founder, My First Film). Thirty monks from Hemis Monastery participated in a five-day filming course taught by the pair.

Given the importance of storytelling in today's society, the course concentrated on story-building, video editing, and smartphone filmmaking techniques. Five groups worked together to use their phones to create short films over five days, and on the last day, they presented their work.

The program, which was backed by Skill India's Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC), made sure that every student obtained a certificate from both MESC and Skill India, greatly enhancing their skill set. This innovative program empowered the students while also encouraging innovation.

Birdwatching Workshop for Leh Students

In September 2022, 22 students from eight Leh district schools embarked on a six-day birding journey to Hanley, Puga, Tsokar, Chuchot, and Shey, led by expert birding guide Padma Gyalpo. Ladakh's unique terrain hosts a diverse array of migratory birds, and September provided an ideal window for this adventure.During the excursion, students identified over 40 bird species, creating a truly memorable and educational experience.

As a creative extension, students were encouraged to sketch the observed birds. Now, Navikru proudly presents the 'Birds of Ladakh By Students of Ladakh' booklet, showcasing their artistic talents and contributions. Explore the rich avian world through the eyes and sketches of Ladakh's budding naturalists.  

Birds of Ladakh by Students of Ladakh Booklet:

Kargil Summer camp

Developing Thoughts, Strengthening Environment

In August 2022, the Navikru Eco Foundation orchestrated a groundbreaking three-day summer camp in Kargil, welcoming seventy students and teachers from ten government schools. This unique camp was aimed at fostering experiential learning, providing students with the opportunity to engage in diverse group activities centered around the three pillars of the Wipro Earthian Program: Waste, Water, and Biodiversity. 

Adding an extra enrichment layer, the camp featured a session led by medicinal plant expert Mr. Shabir Hussain Fayaz. This immersive experience was the first of its kind, with the noteworthy participation of many girls who embarked on such a camp for the first time.

Zanskar Summer camp

Sowing Sustainability in Zanskar's Heart

In September 2022, an immersive two-day summer camp unfolded at the Sani Community Hall in Zanskar. Engaging around twenty-eight students and teachers from four government schools and one nunnery, the camp was part of the Wipro Earthian program.


This unique experience delved into experiential learning with a specific focus on Waste and Biodiversity themes, harnessing diverse regional knowledge. The participating schools also created visionary models for an ideal zero-waste village. 

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