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Picture | Himanshu Singla

The Himalayas are facing serious threats.

Ensuring people practice sustainability and zero-waste life is essential. 

Sustainable Practices Poster

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LGW_Journey of Eco-hotel
LGW_Single Use Swaps
LGW_Waste Segregation
LGW_Are You Sustainability Champion
LGW_How well you know your bottle
LGW_7 Tips to be a Sustainable Traveler

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If you think your thoughts concerning sustainability needs a platform to reach wider audience, we would love to receive your submissions to be featured on our blog. Send us your drafts and we will work with you to furnish a polished blog before publishing. We are looking for change makers who have ideas to be communicated to the world and do not expect to receive perfect drafts. Due credits will be given to the author.

Please follow the below mentioned rules for draft submission :

  • Name your document in the following way : Firstname_Lastname_lgwblogdraft.

  • Kindly upload the following document filetypes : pdf, doc, docx.

  • Make sure your file size does not exceed 15MB.

  • Your draft must contain the following information : Title, Supporting media (pictures/diagrams), etc.

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